Raspberry Pi OS 2023/02/21版の公開

Raspberry Pi OSの最新版として2023/02/21版が公開されています。公式のダウンロードページで見ると次の内容となっています(64-bitの場合)。

Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit版


  * glamor now disabled on all platforms other than Raspberry Pi 4 with legacy video driver
  * msdri3 video driver support added
  * KiCad added to Recommended Software
  * Support for new touchscreen driver added to Screen Resolution tool; minor UI tweaks
  * GTK message dialogs shown with right-justified buttons
  * Bug fix - updater plugin now does not clear icon when an update has failed
  * Bug fix - keyboard highlight now shown on GTK switch control
  * Some Korean and Brazilian translations added
  * Fix rpi-imager hidden ssid configuration
  * Install kms++-utils
  * Raspberry Pi firmware 78852e166b4cf3ebb31d051e996d54792f0994b0
  * Linux kernel 5.15.84


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